ClosedLoop’s Response to COVID-19 Releases Open Source AI-based Risk Identification Tool for COVID-19

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Predict Readmissions, Total Risk, Sepsis, Avoidable ED Utilization, Social Factor Impact, No-Shows

Demonstrated Results In 24-Hours

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Population Health

Improve patient outcomes by predicting which patients will require additional care from care teams

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Data Scientists

Spend more time building predictive models that impact your organization and less time data normalizing

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ACO & Value Based Providers

Predict preventable hospitalizations, ED over utilization, readmissions, total risk and more

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Predict chronic disease onset, medication adherence, member churn, out-of-network utilization and more

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Pharma & Life Science

Patient match for clinical trials, predict product efficacy, personalize care pathways and more

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Empowering Well Care
(Not Sick Care) with AI

In 2017, Medical Home Network laid out an ambitious plan—use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to more effectively identify high-risk patients that need targeted preventive care.

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A Platform for More Effective Data Scientists

The platform is purpose-built to make healthcare-focused data scientists more effective at their jobs. By providing off-the-shelf models for many common healthcare use cases and automating most of the manual processes involved in traditional data science tasks, ClosedLoop allows data scientists to focus on the impactful problems that drive real value for organizations.

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Turn-Key Predictions for Common Healthcare Challenges

ClosedLoop provides a wide array of off-the-shelf predictive models for common healthcare use cases and creates customized models to meet each organizations specific needs.

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