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As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based care, clinicians and care managers alike are stretched thin to ensure the right patients are receiving the right care at the right time. Many providers agree the care administered today is too often reactive “sick care” rather than the  “health care” they aspire to. But today, using artificial intelligence, providers can shift this paradigm unlocking the predictive signal in their real world healthcare data to ensure proactive interventions are applied to the right patients at the right time – improving patient outcomes and reducing associated costs.

Using predictive analytics to supplement clinician-driven referrals has helped me identify more patients more quickly for complex case management. I have greater assurance knowing this tool is helping me find patients most in need of my care. Nurse Manager,
Oak Street Health

The ClosedLoop Platform for Providers & ACOs

ClosedLoop is an AI-based predictive analytics platform that goes beyond traditional claims-based risk scores to use all available patient-related healthcare data to provide both clinicians and care managers with a full breadth of timely, explainable and accurate predictions of health outcomes. ClosedLoop helps value-based providers confidently answer a variety of questions including:

  • Total Risk:  Who will be my most expensive patients this year
  • ED Over-Utilization:  Which of my patients would most benefit from establishing a relationship with a primary care provider?
  • Readmissions:  Which patients are most likely to be readmitted to the hospital?
  • Transportation:  Which patients are most likely to need help with transportation in order to make it to their appointments
  • Rising Risk:  Which patients are likely to see large increases in their overall health risk over the next 30/60 days?
  • Chronic Disease:  Which patients are most likely to develop or progress in the severity of a chronic disease
  • Medication Adherence:  Which patients are most likely to be noncompliant with medications?
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What We Do

ClosedLoop’s data science platform combines leading-edge AI tools and automation capabilities with healthcare specific content and expertise - enabling healthcare data scientists to build accurate and explainable predictive models with speed and ease.

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    ACCURATE’s comprehensive risk scores use all of your data to increase the impact of your intervention programs.

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    Real-time updates to comprehensive risk scores leverage timely data sources like ADT feeds and EHR data, enabling teams to deliver the right intervention when it’s needed most.

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    No “Black Box” here. Contributing Factors help you understand’s comprehensive risk scores.

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    Don’t reinvent the wheel.’s catalog of risk models cover the most common and valuable use cases and are fully editable and extensible to meet your needs. No data-science degree required.

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    Easily create risk-scores and predictions for a variety of outcomes in just a few clicks, or use the API and be up and running in under an hour.

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    Explore the predictive value of your data without a large upfront investment of time or money. Ask about the 24-hour zero-risk pilot today.

Proof of Concept in 5 Easy Steps

How Can ClosedLoop Help Improve Patient Outcomes & Lower the Total Cost of Care For Your Organization?

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