Healthcare spending in the United States already exceeds $3.5 trillion and by 2026 it is anticipated to reach more than $5.7 trillion. As costs continue to skyrocket, health plans are focusing on innovations in technology and emerging data sources to decrease costs and increase the quality of care. Traditionally, health plans have depended on historical claims data paired with basic statistics and rules-based approaches to target resources towards reducing costs. However, in today’s world of rapidly expanding data, these techniques fall short. Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence now allow traditional claims data to be combined with new and emerging data sources to provide a more comprehensive picture of member risk, allowing health plans to target preventative programs more effectively than ever.

What We Do

ClosedLoop’s data science platform combines leading-edge AI tools and automation capabilities with healthcare specific content and expertise - enabling healthcare data scientists to build accurate and explainable predictive models with speed and ease.

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    ACCURATE’s comprehensive risk scores use all available data to increase the impact of your intervention programs.

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    No “Black Box” here. Contributing Factors help you understand’s comprehensive risk scores.

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    Don’t reinvent the wheel.’s catalog of risk models cover the most common and valuable use cases and are fully editable and extensible to meet your needs. No data-science degree required.

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    Easily create risk-scores and predictions for a variety of outcomes in just a few clicks, or use the API and be up and running in under an hour.

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    No need to log into a new system or access a new screen, integrates directly into your existing systems.

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    Explore the predictive value of your data without a large upfront investment of time or capital. Ask about ClosedLoop’s 24-hour zero-risk pilot today.

The ClosedLoop Platform for Payers and Health Plans is an AI-based predictive analytics platform that provides health plans with comprehensive predictive insights at both the individual and population level. The platform synthesizes data from a variety of sources including claims, provider, social, environmental, consumer, and more, so health plans can gain a comprehensive and transparent picture of members’ total risk. Today, customers are using ClosedLoop to address a wide variety of predictive questions including:

  • Trend:  Which members are likely to see large increases in their overall health risk over the next three to six months?
  • Readmissions:  Which members are most likely to be readmitted to the hospital?
  • Medication Adherence:  Which members are most likely to be noncompliant with medication plans?
  • Palliative Care:  Which members are most likely to benefit from discussions with a palliative care specialist?
  • ED Over-Utilization:  Which members are most likely to benefit from establishing a relationship with a primary care provider?
  • Disenrollment:  Which members will most likely to disenroll?
  • Fraud:  How do new data sources allow health plans to spot fraud sooner?
  • Payment Integrity:  How can AI help ensure proper reimbursement?
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