The industry’s best collection of extendable pre-built predictive and prescriptive models for common healthcare use cases

Early diagnosis, targeted interventions, and personalized care management are key to tackling healthcare’s most challenging and costly issues—chronic diseases, hospital infections, avoidable hospitalizations, and readmissions, to name just a few. Electronic medical records and other patient data, including labs, healthcare claims, and social factors, hold the promise of helping organizations avoid these issues. In order to unlock the patterns in these large data silos, better tools are needed.

ClosedLoop provides a wide array of off-the-shelf predictive models for common healthcare use cases and creates customized models to meet each organizations specific needs. The following are just a few examples of ClosedLoop predictive models that can be customized, trained, and deployed to provide the insights needed to change the way healthcare is delivered.

ClosedLoop Model Catalog Useful For
Total Risk / Total Utilization Care Managers
Preventable Hospitalizations / Admission Risk Providers
Re-admission Risk Payers
Avoidable ED Utilization Payers
Chronic Disease Onset or Progression Providers & Payers
COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, CHFH Providers & Payers
AIs / Sepsis Risk Providers
Medication Adherence Providers
Rising Risk / Cost Bloomers Providers & Payers
Appointment No-Shows Providers
Propensity to Pay Payers
Clinical Documentation Improvement Providers & Payers
Automated Coding Providers
Fall Risk Providers
Mortality Payers
Opioid Addiction Providers
Health Plan Member Churn Payers
Transition of Care Providers

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