Medical Home Network Case Study

Chicago based Medical Home Network (MHN) is transforming healthcare for Medicaid patients through their Accountable Care Organization, a unique collaboration of ten Federally Qualified Health Centers and three hospital systems and their physician practices. Together, they serve the needs of 135,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in the Chicago area, the forward thinking ACO asked itself an important question: Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) more effectively identify high-risk patients that need targeted preventive care?

Download the case study to find out how:

  • ClosedLoop helped achieve a 63% improvement in correctly identifying the ACO’s high-risk patients
  • Reduced false positives (patients labeled as high-risk who ended up being low utilizers) by 80%
  • Enabled the ACO to leverage all of its data sources (HRA, ADT feeds, medical and pharmacy claims, etc.)